The right way to Draw a Giraffe – Step by Step Tutorial

Welcome to my step-by-step information on how to attract a cartoon giraffe. On this submit, you’ll discover ways to create cool giraffe drawings which can be certain to impress. Whether or not you’re a novice artist or an skilled drawer, this giraffe tutorial is the correct place so that you can enhance your drawing abilities and have enjoyable whereas doing it.

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This submit gives free drawing classes on how to attract a giraffe, an exquisite African animal that’s beloved by many. By following the easy steps on this tutorial, you’ll have the ability to create a cute cartoon giraffe that can make a terrific addition to any artwork assortment. The advantages of this submit embody bettering your drawing abilities, gaining confidence in your skills, and having enjoyable whereas creating one thing new.

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Simple Giraffe Drawing

You’ll be able to draw a giraffe anyplace, nevertheless it’s greatest to have a quiet and cozy area the place you possibly can focus. This tutorial is ideal for youthful artists who’re simply beginning to discover ways to draw, in addition to older youngsters who wish to refine their abilities. When you’ve all the time needed to attract a giraffe however didn’t know the place to start out, this submit is for you. So seize a pencil and a few paper, and let’s get began on drawing a giraffe collectively.

Important Drawing Provides for Drawing a Giraffe

Earlier than you begin your giraffe drawing, make certain to gather these artwork provides:

The right way to Draw a Giraffe Step-by-Step


Step 1

Step one is to attract the giraffe head. 

Firstly, draw a small oval form close to the highest left of your web page.

Secondly, draw a curved line up from the left of the oval, and again down to hook up with the correct of the oval. 

Cartoon Giraffe Drawing Guide - Step 1 - The head
The pinnacle form

Step 2

We should always now add some facial options. 

To start with, within the prime of the top, draw a small circle on each side for the eyes. Add extra element inside the attention, as may be seen within the reference drawing beneath. 

Afterwards, within the backside half of the giraffe’s face, draw a curved line for the mouth. Lastly, add two small dots above for nostrils. 

Cartoon Giraffe Drawing Guide - Step 2 - The face
Facial options

Step 3

Let’s give our giraffe ears and horns

Firstly, on each side of the top, draw a curved form for every ear. Afterwards, add one other line on the within to indicate the within of the ear.

Secondly, draw a small horn on both facet of the top. Use quick vertical traces with a circle on the finish.

Cartoon Giraffe Drawing Guide - Step 3 - Ears and horns
Ears and horns

Step 4

Now let’s draw our giraffe’s physique.

To start with, begin with the lengthy neck. Begin slightly below the top on the left hand facet, and draw a curved line downward to the highest of the leg. Afterwards, draw a line beginning on the correct facet of the top, that goes down then to the correct to kind the giraffe’s again. 

After that, draw the back and front legs with lengthy vertical traces. Use a bit curve on the backside of every leg for the toes, as may be seen within the sketch beneath. 

Lastly, draw an additional line to indicate the giraffe’s stomach. Additionally, add a tail with a bushy finish. 

Cartoon Giraffe Drawing Guide - Step 4 - The rest of the body
The giraffe’s physique

Step 5

Within the subsequent step, we’ll add some element to our giraffe drawing. 

Firstly, add spots throughout your giraffe utilizing small oval shapes.

Secondly, add a line on the backside of every leg to indicate the giraffes hooves. 

Cartoon Giraffe Drawing Guide - Step 5 - Spots and a tail
The giraffe’s spots

Step 6

Lastly, hint over your pencil drawing with a skinny marker to indicate the ultimate traces. 

Cartoon Giraffe Drawing Guide - Step 6 - Outlined
Hint your drawing with a marker

Step 7

Lastly, you possibly can add some shade to your giraffe drawing. 

First, shade the physique yellow.

Secondly, shade the spots and hooves brown. 

Thirdly, the underside half of the giraffe’s face may be coloured mild orange.

Skip to my Lou - How to Draw a Giraffe - Colored cartoon giraffe drawing
Our completed cartoon giraffe drawing!


Step 1

Let’s begin with the giraffe’s head and face. 

Firstly, use a curved line for the form of the top that’s spherical on the correct, and types a mouth on the left facet. Add a small line for the mouth, with a small oval form above for a nostril.

Secondly, draw a watch to the correct of the top. Additionally, add a small circle inside for the pupil.

Realistic Giraffe Drawing Guide - Step 1 - The head
Begin with the face

Step 2

The following step is to finish the giraffe’s head.

To start with, add two small horns. Use vertical traces, with a round form on the finish. 

After that, draw an ear utilizing a leaf-like form on the correct facet of the top.

Realistic Giraffe Drawing Guide - Step 2 - Horns and ear
Add an ear and horns

Step 3

Let’s proceed with the giraffe’s neck.

On this step, draw two curved lengthy traces from either side of the top to about half-way down the web page, curving barely to the correct. 

Realistic Giraffe Drawing Guide - Step 3 - Long neck
A protracted giraffe neck

Step 4

Now let’s add some entrance legs to our giraffe drawing. 

To start with, draw the left-side leg. Use clean vertical traces with indents to indicate the joints, as may be seen within the image beneath. 

After that, add the left-side leg which is generally hidden behind. Additionally, draw small hooves on the backside of every leg. 

Realistic Giraffe Drawing Guide - Step 4 - Front legs
The entrance legs

Step 5

Let’s end the remainder of the giraffe’s physique. 

Firstly, proceed the road from the highest of the neck in the direction of the correct to kind the giraffe’s again. Proceed this round to kind the left-side hind leg, once more with an indent to indicate the knee joint. 

Secondly, draw the giraffe’s stomach with a single curved horizontal line between the back and front legs. 

Thirdly, draw the right-side hind leg much like the primary. Additionally, add hooves to the tip of each legs. 

Realistic Giraffe Drawing Guide - Step 5 - Back legs
Again and hind legs

Step 6

On this step, we should always make our giraffe’s neck thicker and add its mane.

To start with, make the again of the neck thicker, as may be seen within the drawing beneath. 

After that, add a line to indicate the road of hair on the neck that’s the giraffe’s major. Additionally, add a small tail.  

Realistic Giraffe Drawing Guide - Step 6 - Mane and tail
Tail and mane

Step 7

Hint your pencil marks with a skinny marker pen to assist make your giraffe drawing stand out. 

Realistic Giraffe Drawing Guide - Step 7 - Outlined
Outlined in marker to face out extra

Step 8

Now let’s add some colours so you’ve a extra real looking giraffe. 

Firstly, shade the entire physique with browns, yellows, and oranges. You’ll be able to add spots like within the image beneath to kind an exquisite sample. 

Secondly, use a darkish brown for the hooves, horns, and hair.

Realistic Giraffe Drawing Guide - Step 8 - Some color
Trying good

Step 9

Lastly, you possibly can additional outline the giraffe’s distinct patterning utilizing darker browns. 

Additionally add extra spots across the face.

Skip to my Lou - How to Draw a Giraffe - Colored realistic giraffe drawing
Now our giraffe appears similar to actual life!

Your Completed Giraffe Drawing

You must now have some wonderful drawings of the tallest animal on earth. Actually, probably the most majestic African animals. 

Subsequent time, why don’t you attempt coloring your drawing with oil pastels?

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