The Batman’s Ending Makes A Superman In This Universe Pointless

Pattinson’s Darkish Knight turns into an emblem of hope for Gotham towards the tip of The Batman, which makes Superman’s existence pointless in his universe.

The cathartic ending of Matt Reeves’ The Batman means that Robert Pattinson’s Darkish Knight could not want a Superman. After being the dreaded shadow of vengeance nearly all through The Batman, Pattinson’s Caped Crusader goes by a ceremony of passage and turns into a beacon of hope for Gotham. Riddler’s malicious schemes come to full fruition, and Batman is unable to do something to cease them. Nonetheless, even when Gotham appears past saving, Batman tries, which makes all of the distinction in his characterization. This transformation not solely proves to be an successfully distinctive manner of introducing a well-recognized superhero to the audiences but additionally eradicates the necessity for a Superman in Matt Reeves’ The Batman universe.


Superman and Batman have at all times been depicted as contrasting forces like day and evening. Whereas Batman is commonly depicted as a tough-as-nails billionaire who grew up seeing the worst in humanity, Superman is a down-to-earth farm boy whose wholesome upbringing taught him empathy. Owing to this, Batman’s fleeting sense of religion forces him to count on the worst out of his environment, whereas Superman by some means finds hope even throughout the darkest instances. Robert Pattinson’s Batman isn’t any completely different, however his newfound empathy towards Gotham’s residents, even when the town is a literal warfare zone in the direction of The Batman‘s ending, reveals that his cynicism is manner behind him and that he’s able to be an emblem of hope for his folks. Subsequently, the truth that Batman’s new symbolic standing is grounded in hope in Matt Reeves’ film eliminates the necessity for a Superman in that universe.

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Why It is A Good Factor The Batman Does not Want Superman

Robert Pattinson covered in mud in The Batman.

From the start itself, The Batman makes use of Bruce Wayne’s inside monologue to ascertain that he’s not like every other iteration of the character on the large display screen. The darkness, solitude, and lust for vengeance of his caped demeanor bleed into his character identical to his cowl leaves behind traces of black when he takes it off. Nonetheless, not like Ben Affleck’s Batman, he doesn’t let his anger eat him and stops it from manifesting into Gotham’s streets. The Batman additionally portrays The Darkish Knight as a detective first and solely then as a masked vigilante who lurks in Gotham’s shadows to serve justice.

These distinctive parts in his character affirm that The Batman — the film and its subsequent franchise — are solely concerning the titular superhero. Involving a Superman within the combine would solely diminish the private contact that Robert Pattinson brings to Batman’s inside battles and crime-fighting endeavors. To not point out, because the DCU is already creating a sophisticated multiverse of superhero crossovers with two Batmen and one Superman, one other Superman in Reeves’ universe would solely additional muddle character identities and storylines.

Will Different Heroes Ever Seem In The Batman Franchise?

Robert Pattinson's The Batman and Carrie Kelley Robin

Since The Batman just isn’t cannon to the DCU and appears to revolve solely round Batman and his Gotham adventures, it appears much less possible that every other main DC heroes will seem in it. Like Joker, The Batman has etched its personal path by presenting a darkish, grungy, never-seen-before Batman, which suggests that it’ll in all probability not introduce hefty superhero crossovers just like the DCU. As an alternative, The Batman will possible transfer ahead with Robert Pattinson’s Batman as its main protagonist whereas introducing a plethora of traditional villains and heroic aspect characters like Robin and Titans.

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