Marvel Updates Venom With a Startlingly Surprising New Look

The next accommodates spoilers for Venom #18, on sale now from Marvel Comics.

King in Black Eddie Brock has a brand new, Venom-inspired look, and it appears he is additionally into tattoos now.

In Venom #18 by author Al Ewing and artist Cafu, Eddie finds himself within the Engine Room run by the King in Black on the true finish of time, an all-powerful being often called the “Eventuality.” Additionally a future model of Eddie Brock, the Totality permits Eddie to ask solely 5 questions on his position because the Marvel Universe’s fashionable King in Black, in addition to the right way to cease one other of his future selves, Meridius. Eddie makes a breakthrough on the finish of the difficulty, and says, “I’ve to repair what’s damaged. I’ve to repair myself. So I am going again in…and I am gonna kick my very own ass!” Together with this assertion, Eddie’s physique adjustments, giving him a large, black Venom emblem tattooed throughout his chest.


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Eddie Brock forms a black Venom logo tattoo across his chest beside the Eventuality in Venom #18 (2023) from Marvel.

How Eddie Brock Controls His Symbiote Physique in Venom

Eddie’s physique is now not human, and is as a substitute composed of symbiote matter. His authentic physique was burned to ash by a missile explosion again in Venom #1, when Ewing, author Ram V. and artist Bryan Hitch’s run launched in Nov. 2021. Since then, his thoughts has moved throughout time and area to inhabit any supply of symbiote matter out there, permitting him to form a brand new physique nevertheless he needs. Previous to his tattooed look, Eddie’s different varieties have included a futuristic symbiote armor utilized by Kang the Conqueror’s forces, his basic Deadly Protector look and that of one other future Eddie Brock, the purple King in Black Bedlam.

The fifth and ultimate query Eddie asks the Eventuality is, “What am I?” He prefaces this query saying, “My physique’s gone! This factor I am sporting must be a goo assemble — but it surely’s actual! My scalp itches! My eye stings! My again’s been aching this complete time! How can that be?” Throughout its reply, the Eventuality replies, “Let me spell it out, Eddie. You might have absolute energy over any flesh you command. And whereas symbiote our bodies are shared amongst all of the Kings in Black, the human physique of Eddie Brock — on the time you inhabit it — is yours alone.”

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The Eventuality, a future version of King in Black Eddie Brock, takes a form similar to Knull in Venom #18 (2023).

Completely different Venoms Throughout the Multiverse and on the Manner

Throughout Eddie’s dialog with the Eventuality, readers catch a glimpse at different potential varieties he can take throughout the Venomverse, together with one the place he dons armor just like the evil King in Black earlier than him, Knull, or has the weapons of heroes like Captain America and Wolverine. Wanting forward at future solicitations for Venom as of writing, Eddie is ready to reanimate his charred, human physique in Venom #20, and can later change into a large purple symbiote with 4 arms by the occasions of Venom #22. How this all ties into his mission to reunite along with his son, Dylan, and cease Meridius stays to be seen.

Together with Ewing and Cafu, Venom #18 is coloured by Frank D’Armata and lettered by VC’s Clayton Cowles. Most important cowl artwork for the difficulty is by Hitch and Alex Sinclair, with variant cowl art work contributed to by Alex Ross, Paco Medina, Federico Blee and Skottie Younger. The difficulty is on sale now from Marvel Comics.

Supply: Marvel