Manifest: MBTI® Of Main Characters

The fourth season of the hit mystery series Manifest is poised for take-off on November 4, 2022, finally providing fans with emotional closure for the shocking death of Grace Stone at the hands of Angelina Meyer during the season 3 finale. How the Stones will pick up the pieces will be a major through line in the upcoming season, giving the main characters a chance to show the full gamut of their personality.

When it comes to defining the personalities of the main Manifest characters, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a wonderfully accurate tool to use, allowing fans of the show to identify with the Stone family members and their acquaintances.


Michaela Stone – ISFP

According to the MBTI, ISFPs are Adventurers who welcome new experiences with agog. Kind, caring, sensitive, reserved, and loyal to their loved ones, ISFPs remain steadfast in their beliefs but respect the opinions of others, and often avoid confrontation if they can. As such, no character on Manifest better fits the bill than Michaela Stone.

After disappearing for five years when Flight 828 suddenly vanished, Michaela’s personality becomes introverted and melancholic as she’s racked with grief and tries desperately to get her life back. But as a brilliant NYPD detective, Michaela also uses her curious investigative mindset to think creatively, explore fresh options, and embrace new experiences.

Ben Stone – INTP

Known as the Logicians of the MBTI, INTPs are intuitive, inquisitive, and withdrawn, and make decisions based on cold hard facts rather than emotion. Often less interested in social interactions than focusing on critical problem-solving (like playing poker), Ben Stone has all the hallmarks of an INTP on Manifest.

As a brilliant mathematics professor, Ben Stone is nothing if not precise, measured, analytical, and a deep-thinking strategist determined to find answers regarding Flight 828 based on actual data rather than fanciful theories. With a healthy skepticism and critical nature to ensure the truth is found, Ben’s ability to act logically and pragmatically puts him in the INTP camp.

Grace Stone – ISFJ

The Defenders of the MBTI, ISFJ types are warm, responsible, and committed to going out of their way to protect their loved ones at all costs. The conscientious guardian types are considerate of others and vow to create a harmonious environment for everyone. On the acclaimed TV shows that changed networks, these traits are exuded most by Grace Stone.

In her final episode, Grace Stone exuded her ISFJ personality type by staunchly defending Eden from being abducted by Angelina, sacrificing her life to ensure her own daughter’s safety. Even Grace’s dying words, “Cal, my sweet boy, take care of each other,” reinforces her primary concern of defending, protecting, and guarding loved ones at all times.

Saanvi Bahl – INFJ

As the Advocates of the MBTI, INFJ types champion the causes of others, deeply care for their concerns, and strive to bring the world together through visionary humanitarian efforts. Organized, goal-oriented, and decisive, Saanvi Bahl is an INFJ type on Manifest.

Saanvi Bahl was a highly driven and whip-smart doctor medical researcher working at Koch Hospital before disappearing on Flight 828. Upon return, she parlayed her brilliant mind and altruistic personality to work for NSA’s Eureka Project, showcasing the rare INFJ personality type that only the best and brightest individuals tend to possess.

Robert Vance – ENTJ

The Commanders of the MBTI, ENTJs tend to be brave, curt, quick decision-makers, and inherent leaders who have a powerful presence in front of others. They’re extremely smart, informed, orderly, and extroverted by nature, all of which perfectly applies to Robert Vance on the beloved mystery TV show.

As the NSA Deputy Director and founding leader of the Eureka Project, Robert Vance has the commanding gravitas and military bona fides to rival the most formidable ENTJs. Vance even faked his death in order to throw The Major off his investigative course, which proves his out-of-the-box strategizing that most ENTJs are unafraid to execute.

Olive Stone – ESFP

As the Entertainers of the MBTI, ESFP types are often the most gregarious and fun-loving center of attention. Friendly, outgoing, and caring, they often have a lust for life and have a vibrant, bubbly demeanor that makes others gravitate toward them. On Manifest, such traits best describe Olive Stone.

Whether having spontaneous fun with her twin brother Cal or dating Kevin and TJ, Olive is usually the life of the party during her social interactions, often adapting to new experiences with a smile, which underscores her inherent status as a natural-born entertainer.

Jared Vasquez – ESTJ

Often thought of as the Executive of the MBTI, ESTJ types are logical, pragmatic, and driven by substantiated scientific facts. Methodical, organized, and determined to find the truth regardless of how it makes others feel, ESTJs think fast, act fast, and tend to assume leadership positions as a result. Cue NYPD Detective Jared Vasquez on the must-watch mystery TV show.

Whether leading the charge to find answers regarding his missing fiancée Michaela following the Flight 828 debacle or demonstrating such detective prowess to be promoted to police lieutenant during his arc, Jared’s practical nature and ability to lead his squad members so effectively only solidify his ESTJ executive status.

Cal Stone – INFP

Known as the neutral Mediators of the MBTI, INFP types are curious, idealistic, adaptable, and extremely imaginative. They also help bridge the gap between those who hold opposing viewpoints to foster a better world for everyone, something that Cal Stone knows as a thing or two about on Manifest.

Also known as the Holy Grail, Cal Stone serves as the corporeal and spiritual go-between for the past, present, and future, with his mysterious disappearance on Flight 828 inciting much of the story’s central drama. Indeed, Cal mediates between the here and the now, the before and the after, allowing the other characters to come together following his disappearance.

Zeke Landon – ENFJ

Labeled the Protagonist of the MBTI, ENFJ types are extremely empathetic, warmhearted, observant, and attuned to the emotions of others. They are loyal to loved ones, sociable around strangers, and seek to see the world through the eyes of others to gain a better understanding to help humanity harmonize.

While Zeke Landon can be considered an ISFP Adventurer for his epic cave hikes on Manifest, his status as an Empath aligns him more with an ENFJ. After defeating the Death Date in season 3, Zeke is revealed to have the extrasensory perception to feel people’s emotions, including physical pain. Whether the crazy Manifest fan theory about his callings ending will be true or not, Zeke remains a stand-up guy.

Angelina Meyer – ESTP

Considered the Entrepreneurs of the MBTI, ESTP types are extroverted, perceptive, spontaneous, and action-oriented. They have an adaptable tolerance and capitalize on every opportunity they can to achieve success. Until she became a homicidal killer at the end of season 3, Angelina Meyer showcased many of the ESTP’s most positive traits.

As the Flight 828 passenger who returned to be held hostage by her overly pious parents in Costa Rica, Angelina showed tremendous tolerance for the ideological and psychological abuse she encountered, ultimately adapting long enough to survive and forge a new life with the Stones. Even her shocking actions at the end of season 3 prove what an unpredictable and self-actualizing character Angelina is on the show.

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