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Formal Parts and Character

It’s the start of the college quarter, and I’m concerned about understanding what formal parts have an effect on my college students. I’m actually influenced by the composition of a murals, and I do know that this has to do with my very own character. I’m an organized and neat individual, and so I feel so much about the best way that issues are organized and ordered (each actually and metaphorically) in my life. Because of this, I discover the association of shapes and types so much, and I like to think about whether or not that association is interesting or unappealing to me. I’m drawn to the organized composition of the Normal of Ur (The Historical past of Artwork: A World View, p. 74), for instance, resulting from how the thing is horizontally divided into three clear and equally-sized registers. I like how the spacing of the registers is equal on either side of the thing; that visible consistency is interesting to me in its group. A few of the repeating figures are evenly spaced from one another, too, resembling the soldiers in the central register of the scenes dedicated to battle. One other instance of pretty even spacing is seen within the seated people on the top register of the peace scene. All of those compositional options recommend group and neatness to me, and I personally am drawn to them for that motive.

Normal of Ur, Battle aspect (prime), Peace aspect (backside), 2550-2400 BCE

What formal parts are you drawn to? Does it relate to your character or are you drawn to the formal parts for one more motive?