Cartoon: Thanksgiving for Billionaires

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As we revel within the pleasure and surprise of Thanksgiving, allow us to be significantly grateful {that a} good variety of billionaires are making asses of themselves. (I centered on American billionaires on this cartoon since Thanksgiving for Billionaires is, after all, a U.S. vacation.)

Elon Musk is doing the very best job of opening our eyes to the truth that, simply since you’re a billionaire, you might be not automatically a genius who brilliantly turns your every endeavor into gold. (Thanks, Twitter!)

Sam Bankman-Fried might not be tweeting fairly as insanely as Elon, however he has completed a masterful job of exhibiting that he’s, in reality, simply an unusual business hack and crypto scammer rolled into one. (Sadly, 1000’s of normal individuals have misplaced boatloads of cash due to SBF.)

One factor to recollect, it was once quite a bit more durable to be a billionaire as a consequence of (gasp!) progressive tax policy. I attempt not to think about what packages in schooling, psychological well being or housing may have been funded with the fortunes pissed away by tax-phobic billionaires.

Oh, and, Glad (actual) Thanksgiving!